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Variable Messaging Display

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Variable Messaging Display(VMD)

Variable Messaging Display (VMD)/ Outdoor Display shall communicate important information & guidance about traffic, diversions etc. to the citizens / public on the road. They shall also be used for showing emergency/disaster related messages as and when required.

The following are the features of VMD:
  • Displays can inform of alternative routes, journey times and congestion levels on the roads.
  • Motorists can stay informed of necessary precautions to take en route to their destination.
  • Emergency contact numbers to the police, fire department, ambulance services and highway patrol can be flashed.
  • Messages to influence the driving behaviour of motorists can be displayed. For example: “Speed thrills but kills”.
  • Congestion and parking are interrelated. Smart VMD can provide live data on parking availability before bottlenecks happen.
  • Smart VMD can flash tourism messages, event news, and display policy updates to those without mass media access.
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