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Illumination of Dark and public
places (High Mast Light)

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public places (High Mast Light)

Illumination of Dark and public places (High Mast Light)


High Mast Light gives the several cost-effective advantages and cost is a major issue for general services of urban areas. In the late 1960’s, studies were conducted to investigate the impact that high mast lighting gives on traffic performance, driver visibility, and illumination costs. It was found that increasing the height of the lighting offered a noticeable advantage in that it provided drivers with increased uniformity of illumination and brightness while minimizing discomfort and disability glare. In this turn, it`s led to a reduced number of visibility related accidents. High-mast lighting towers are vertical, cantilevered structures that are used to illuminate a relatively large area. Although primarily used for highway intersection lighting in rural areas, they are also utilized in other large areas such as parking lots, sporting venues, or even penitentiaries. As a result, failures of these structures are critical due to the potential for them to fall across highway lanes or other. When tall masts were installed in several cities to illuminate large areas. The project is to provide 40 High mast lights in the defined places by survey in ABD area.

Vision of the Project

The project vision is to provide the 24x7 uniformity of light in the city. Every public area of the city should be accessible and safe for the citizens throughout the day and night. There should not be any dark areas left in the city for crime and illegal activities.

Need of the Project

Lighting plays an important role in urban areas. The city should not have dark spaces for following reasons:

  • • Accessibility for the people.
  • • Ensuring the safety of women, elderly and other people of the city.
  • • Discouraging criminal activities.
  • • Reducing fear in citizens in night.
  • • Reducing accidents on roads.
High Mast Light