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Facade Lighting

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Facade Lighting

Project Background

Generally, the ambience of a city goes underappreciated because features might not be well lit or are not located properly etc. However, there are always certain potential spots which when illuminated, can lift up the area’s aesthetics and ambience. Lighting not only affects mood or visibility but also induce safety. City’s ambience can be uplifted by upgrading the exteriors of the public buildings which can be done by various means. Lighting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to do it. Exterior façade lighting instantly boosts up the way buildings look which cannot be achieved by street lighting. There are several buildings which act as a landmark in the city, hence it is important that they remain illuminated after the sunset as well. As the smart city focuses on improving the public spaces, this project is important in terms of upliftment of aesthetics. Buildings selected in this project are either of historic importance or public importance or are important landmarks. Lighting shall change the colour to suit the local or national festivals and special days.

Vision of the Project

The vision of the project is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the existing public buildings across the ABD.

Need of the Project

  • • Illumination across the city can be done in more ways than just installing street lights. For enhancing the ambience of the city, façade lighting can transform the places.
  • • Tourism gets a boost with better ambience in the city.
  • • Such Project instils proud in the people of Bareilly
  • • Lighting is conducive to safety, illumination and better visibility.
  • • It helps in identifying the landmarks.

Project Objective

  • • To select appropriate lighting equipment that is suitable for the buildings
  • • To devise smart operational solutions, reducing the need to include manpower.
  • • To select lighting that can change colours and intensity to suit any festival of cultural of national importance

Location of Site

  • i. Kotwali Police Station
  • ii. St. Methodist Church
  • iii.Nagar Nigam Old Building
Facade Light Kotwali Police Station
Facade Light Kotwali Police Station